Real Estate Websites in India Forecast into the Rest of This Year

Real estate websites in India are replete with discussions regarding what real estate and lifestyle trends are likely to find favour in 2017. Thus far, this year has already proven itself to be high on creativity in design and décor.

The Need for Sustainable Development

Among architects and Interior design, sustainability is generating wide interest. This year a variety of organic materials such as Rattan, Cork, and Terracotta are expected to be used in building and to provide respite to those who return to home after a hard day’s work.

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Green Design

Buildings will become more considerate of energy wastefulness. Real estate sites have stated that in 2017 more companies will embed renewable sources of energy within buildings. The energy savings due to architecture will be visible in commercial as well as in residential buildings. One popular design is expected to allow into a building far greater sunlight, which would lead to a lower electricity bill. Additionally, solar powered water heaters are also expected to be used to heat water as doing so would cut down on the energy bill of many homes.

Safer and Smarter Thanks to Technology

There is a demand for safer houses hence real estate sites in India predict the beginnings of smart homes. Within a few short years, a new propertyin India will be safer than it has ever been before. In more homes than ever before, the doors will be managed electronically, whether the owner of the house is inside the house or in another city. With the emergence of the Internet of Things, appliances within a house will often function automatically after they have learned the behaviour and routine of their owners.

Bedrooms That Scream YOU

Bedrooms are expected to become the ultimate regret after they are decorated with Bohemian and hygge styles. Finishes such as upholstered headboards, fur, along with the use of a combination of dark and soft colours are expected to ensure that the personality of the owner is visible in the room.

Fade to Dark this Year

The previous year was dominated by light colours such as pink and blue however when autumn approached so did the advent of darker colours such as charcoal, aubergine, and berry shades. This year, according to this property website, darker shades of brown, green, and blue will be ubiquitous in India.


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