Mumbai to be a center for skyscrapers with new DCR with FSI up to 6

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Skyscrapers may become the tradition across municipal areas in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area if the government’s latest plan becomes law. With this real estate in Mumbai will soon be filled with high rise buildings.

Draft development control regulations (DCR) for the seven Municipal corporations of Thane, Mira-Bhayandar, Kalyan-Dombivli, Bhiwandi-Nizampur city, Ulhasnagar, Vasai-Virar, and Panvel (excluding Cidco areas) have recently been passed by the State Urban development department under Section 37(1AA) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act. If passed, they will replace all existing regulations.

The notification under Section 37(1AA) invites arguments and ideas but, oddly, the draft notification is not on the Govt website. It was released on February 28 and the last date for filing feedback is March 28.

Inside the condensation, the government has recently been lavish with floor space index (FSI, the percentage of the permissible built-up area vis-a-vis the dimensions of the plot). An FSI of 4 is allowed in Transit Oriented Zone along roads 30m wide. In case of the MMR municipal corporations, many of these roads are highways and several townships have previously come up along with them.

The Urban Development Research Institute (UDRI), a completely independent organization that engages in urban planning and policy, has elevated a red flag on the government issuing the draft regulations under section 37(1AA) and not providing sufficient time for you to submit objections/suggestions.

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The executive director, UDRI declared that the draft has recently been online for a month but it has not been advertised effectively and it is not easy to find online. Section 37(1AA) can be used only if there is an emergency, so it is rather strange the government should make use of it to invite objections/suggestions for the draft DCRs, specially when they are being heard for the regional plan. The new Development Plan for the different municipal corporations is yet to be approved the nod. How exactly does one acknowledge the DCRs where there is no proposal for the growth of these areas?

In the draft, an FSI of 4 is allowed under the urban revival scheme that will allow high-rises in the lining areas of the seven municipal corporations. Similarly, FSI of 6 is allowed for the affordable housing structure (3 for rehab element and 3 for free sale). Further there is an FSI of 3 for slum areas.
This regulation will surely generate positivity in the market pertaining to Properties in Mumbai.


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